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Lancaster, CA  |  661-224-1010

We were founded in 1996 and ever since then, we have taken pride in being some of the best lock specialists in the industry. We are driven to continue to work with customers in order to match them with those hard-to-find product dimensions or configurations. We specialize in building cams and specialty lock products in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes. We are committed to...

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Chino, CA  |  909-590-0505

We are your leading supplier and manufacturer of security locks. We are ISO 9000 certified and guarantee you will receive the highest quality security locks on the market. Our product listings include key switches, padlocks, weather-resistant locks, handles, handle locks, accessories, and more. Our security locks serve a variety of industries. Contact us today for your highest-quality security...


Long Beach, CA  |  800-433-5554

Sierra Pacific Engineering Products (SPEP) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial hardware, including locks, latches, hinges, handles, and other mechanical components. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, SPEP has established itself as a trusted source of high-quality products and exceptional customer service.
SPEP's locks product line is one of their primary ...

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products (SPEP) $$$
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A lock is a mechanism designed to connect an opening to its frame using a latch, solid cylinder, bolt, or some other form of a solid metal plunger that extends into the strike. They are metal devices that prevent entry or access for privacy, security, or...



A hinge is a machine element that connects two bodies allowing angular movement about a fixed axis of rotation, all the while preventing translations and rotations on the remaining two axes. A hinge can be considered as a journal bearing with only one degree of freedom where a shaft is rotating in a hole...



Latches are mechanical components that allow the temporary joining of parts that are moving relative to each other. They are actuated to release the coupling and allow the two parts to separate. Latches are mostly seen on doors and enclosure...

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