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Elizabeth, NJ  |  800-834-9017

Maffey’s is a fully licensed locksmith providing functional and user friendly security products such as door and security locks as well as keys. Courteous, reliable and professional, we strive to provide lasting improvements for both home and workplace security. Maffey’s Security Group uses comprehensive planning and the implementation of physical security systems needed to secure your future.

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Hackensack, NJ  |  973-778-3320

Lowe & Fletcher, Inc. has been a leader in the lock manufacturer industry since 2000. We have a diverse range of locks, from simple mechanical locks to electronic locks. If a customer needs more diverse locking requirements, we offer custom solutions to fit their needs.

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Clifton, NJ  |  800-524-2575

Northeast Lock is a leading company specializing in providing high-quality locks, security solutions, and related services. The company was established in 1976 and has since been dedicated to offering top-notch security products and services to its clients. Northeast Lock has a wide range of products that cater to various industries and customers, including commercial, residential, and industrial ...

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Brooklyn, NY  |  718-345-9898

Crestlock is a leading company in the locks and security industry, providing top-quality locks products and services for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The company has been in operation for over 50 years, earning a reputation for excellence in security solutions.
Crestlock specializes in manufacturing and distributing high-security locks, including deadbolts,...

Crest Lock Co., Inc. $$$

Plainview, NY  |  800-859-7874

Kenstan Lock is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality locks and security products. The company has been in business for over 40 years, providing reliable and durable locking solutions to customers across various industries. Kenstan Lock's product portfolio includes a wide range of locks, such as mortise locks, cylindrical locks, deadbolts, padlocks, cam locks, and electronic...

Kenstan Lock Company $$$
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A lock is a mechanism designed to connect an opening to its frame using a latch, solid cylinder, bolt, or some other form of a solid metal plunger that extends into the strike. They are metal devices that prevent entry or access for privacy, security, or...



A hinge is a machine element that connects two bodies allowing angular movement about a fixed axis of rotation, all the while preventing translations and rotations on the remaining two axes. A hinge can be considered as a journal bearing with only one degree of freedom where a shaft is rotating in a hole...



Latches are mechanical components that allow the temporary joining of parts that are moving relative to each other. They are actuated to release the coupling and allow the two parts to separate. Latches are mostly seen on doors and enclosure...

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